technical support

Technical and material support for private educational institutions

For decades, more and more students have been turning their backs on public schools. Not only people of school age but also working people are favouring private schools for their professional qualifications. In 2019, about 5,800 private schools were approved in Germany, and every 10th student attends a private educational institution. The advantage of these private institutions is that they can adapt more quickly to the current needs and challenges of our society and are managed by their leadership in a profit-oriented manner. Since private schools are in competition with each other, they offer both teaching staff and students state-of-the-art technology. In most cases, students receive a technical device from the schools to support their learning. However

  • installation,
  • updates and
  • repairs

pose rather large problems for educational institutions. Instead of hiring an expensive IT employee to provide this technical support, "sozialerstuhl" offers private schools state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment to buy, but also to rent. The advantage for customers lies in service coming from a single source, no depreciation of the equipment, and adjustment of the rental contracts based on the course size and duration.

The rental fees can be added to the course prices based purely on needs and can be terminated on a monthly basis.