The right steps for old age

Growing old happily and meaningfully. We all want to grow old, but we don't want to be old. But old age is nothing to be afraid of if we are properly prepared. The participants should deepen their existing knowledge in the individual topics and be sensitised to the changes in the new stage of life. They learn how to sense physical changes with little effort and how to increase their performance capacity in old age. Experienced speakers will give helpful tips from everyday life and answer your questions and discuss with you what is on your mind from their own practical experience. We stand for an appropriate and realistic approach to ageing and do not engage in whitewashing, self-optimisation or expedient optimism.


  • Independence in old age: living and care in old age
  • the role of family, friends, family doctor and living arrangements in old age
  • Cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, reaction...
  • Tips for living as long as possible: growing old healthily with proper nutrition, exercise and sports
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Finding support

More information on dates and prices will be published soon.