How do I become a carer?

People who want to volunteer in our community have the opportunity to become volunteer legal guardians.

Volunteer carers provide a service that is extremely valuable in human terms and help the person being cared for to lead as self-determined a life as possible. This deserves appreciation and recognition and, like any commitment to others, also enriches one's own life.

The term "legal care" means that the caregiver does not have to, but may not, provide actual help themselves, but is responsible for organising it.

With this event we address people who are new to caregiving without previous experience. We will look at the first necessary steps in running a legal guardianship. How can you find out about the wishes and ideas of your care recipient and support them in making decisions. We will talk about the duties in legal care and how to cooperate with the care court, the authorities and service providers in the health system.


  • What is legal care?
  • How does one become a volunteer carer?
  • Who can become a carer?
  • The tasks of a legal carer.
  • What support is provided?
  • What reimbursement of expenses is provided?
  • Collective liability insurance
  • The judicial process.
  • The health care proxy.
  • Practical tips from the field.

More information on dates and prices will be published shortly.