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Technical equipment for monument restoration

Cities and municipalities, property owners and society have an interest in adequate protection of monuments and landmarks. In order to ensure this, older monuments must be regularly inspected in order to be able to detect even minor damage. If defects are discovered quickly, they can be remedied with little effort.
The goals of monument protection require a constant willingness to document and remedy changes to the building. However, these first need to be discovered, which can be very difficult, especially with large buildings and those rich in detail. Perspectives that otherwise remain hidden can only be accessed from the air. While, in the past, scaffolding had to be erected or elaborate helicopter flights were necessary, modern, flying robots with cameras ensure convenient monument protection today.

Monument protection by drone is not primarily about spectacular aerial images, but about reliable and accurate documentation of the current state of construction.
The multicopter can take off quickly and flexibly and capture every detail of the monument, however small. The high-resolution camera on board the flying robot delivers razor-sharp images.
Equipped with genuine high-tech, these flying robots, which have been used more and more in the construction industry for some time now already, and which are now increasingly gaining acceptance in monument protection, make it possible to visually detect the building condition in outstanding quality and make it easier to inspect historic buildings. What's more, it is possible to create geo-referenced 3D models. Drones are used indoors and outdoors in equal measure. Industrial monuments and venerable churches alike can benefit from the technical possibilities of aerial photography by multicopter.

We offer professional drones to buy or rent to expert companies that specialise in monument preservation. The advantage of rental for customers lies in the service all coming from a single source, no depreciation of the equipment, and adjustment of the rental contracts in line with individual wishes. This makes it possible to repeatedly upgrade to the latest models without having to worry about the sale or disposal of the old equipment – for we will continue to see the constant development of drones in the coming years.

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