Timekettle X1 AI end-to-end real-time translation

The All-in-One/Integrated AI Interpreter Hub for Multilingual Simultaneous Communication.

The World's First AI Interpreter Hub

Experience transformative technology with versatile modes, adapting to various scenes. From business meetings to social gatherings, our device caters to all needs, ensuring a tailored experience in every situation

Multi-Way Interpretation Technology

Timekettle's core bidirectional simultaneous interpretation technology has achieved a breakthrough in multi-person simultaneous translation, allowing multi-language, multi-user seamless translation in conferences.

20 People in 5 Languages

The translation subnet currently supports up to 5 languages, allowing 20 users to engage in translated conversations.

Translation Subnet Technology

X1 empowers users to form translation subnets, connecting 1-20 devices online and offline. With a blend of local and cloud-based processing, users can converse freely in their native languages within these subnets.

Single Touch for Connecting

Building a translation subnet through X1 devices with one touch, automatically completing the networking process. Online users can also join by using the meeting code.

Multi-Directional Noise Reduction

Crosstalk can greatly disrupt the translation output in meetings, but with BoostClean's multi-directional VNC noise reduction technology, X1 allows multiple people to speak simultaneously without interference.

Instant Switch Between 40 languages

Unlock the language limitation of traditional multinational conferences, X1 in multi-person mode supports and seamlessly switches between 5 languages, functioning like an ever-available long-term translation team.