Fire service and civil protection

Fire service and civil protection

Drones are becoming increasingly important when it comes to security tasks. With state-of-the-art technology (thermal imaging and zoom cameras), the small technological wonders are a valuable addition to rescue and safety mission units. Due to their varying design, equipment and size, drones can take on a wide variety of tasks and can therefore be used in different deployment and crisis situations. What's more, they can usually be deployed faster, more flexibly and cheaper than conventional measures (turntable ladders or helicopters).

We have listed possible areas of application here:

  • Aerial reconnaissance/representation of a location from a "bird's eye view"
  • Searching for/locating people/animals
  • Fighting wildland and forest fires
  • Reconnaissance of hard-to-access deployment sites
  • Penetration into areas that are too dangerous for emergency personnel
  • Reconnaissance of flooded areas
  • Detection of (hidden) heat sources/hot spots
  • Detection of hazardous substances and sources of radiation
  • Transfer or airdropping of smaller loads
  • Documentation and monitoring of deployment sites & exercises
  • Support for bomb disposal units
  • Assistance with water rescue operations

We offer social institutions professional drones for purchase or rental. The advantage of rental for customers lies in the service all coming from a single source, no depreciation of the equipment, and adjustment of the rental contracts in line with individual wishes. This makes it possible to repeatedly upgrade to the latest models.

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