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Technical Equipment

These days, many products or services are provided through the use of mobile devices. Companies are therefore looking for a solution that allows them to offer their customers, partners or employees their own range of products and services together with the necessary digital technologies. We make sure that they can do this without having to make the effort themselves.

Our company offers private schools, educational institutions and social institutions/organisations technical equipment to buy or rent. From iPhones and iPads to projectors and printers and even rescue, police and safety drones – our portfolio has it covered.

The advantage of rental for customers lies in the service all coming from a single source.

Installation, updates and repairs, e.g., for computers, pose rather large problems for institutions. The advantage of rental for customers lies in the service all coming from a single source, no depreciation of the equipment, and adjustment of the rental contracts as needed. The rental fees can be added onto the projects based on exact requirements and can be terminated on a monthly basis. This allows you to rent technology cheaply and, at the same time, enjoy the great feeling of freedom. The ever shorter cycles of innovation for technology play a subordinate role here. That's because, if the technical equipment in companies is regularly renewed, this does not merely increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Today, modern technical equipment is a necessary prerequisite for being able to use innovative solutions and digital offers.

You have the freedom to use the latest technology for as long as needed e.g., a month or even 3 years, and to change the term or quantity during the rental, in order to react to new system requirements, growth or fluctuations in your company

Outsourcing IT tasks directly relieves you of obligations associated with ownership. Access our "Mobile Device Management System" and focus on your core business.
As demand and prices rise, modern technology quickly loses its value. Save yourself the acquisition costs and outsource the residual value risk. If you avoid depreciable investments, you have directly deductible costs that can be attributed to the project thanks to a one-off or monthly usage fee.

Advantages of renting instead of purchasing:

  • Low monthly rent
  • Flexible rental periods
  • No risk in the event of damage
  • Free returns
  • Secure data deletion
  • Reuse instead of throwing away

Our offers

Technical and material support of private educational institutions

Social institutions

Technical equipment for monument restoration

Fire service and civil protection

Bomb disposal services