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An important opportunity for professional and personal development

The pandemic has changed the way we look at our professional lives – and our own working lives are also being put to the test. Especially in times when pension funds are running empty, it is important for employees to prepare for a longer working life. Because hardly anyone has completely finished their learning today, and the rapid technological change is constantly placing new demands on an individual's qualifications, competence and health. Lifelong learning is a desideratum, and a necessity in order to meet the demands of everyday life and work. Trends such as digitalisation are constantly presenting us with new challenges. Our seminars strengthen your self-confidence so that you can develop new approaches to embark upon your new personal path with success. For many employees, educational seminars are an important opportunity to further themselves both professionally and personally. This is because, in addition to professional competence, self-management, self-leadership and social competence are promoted.

"sozialerstuhl" offers practice-oriented seminars on various current topics. Our trainees teach on the basis of their experience and give valuable tips they have learned from their own observations in practice, catering to the personal needs of the participants in small groups. "sozialerstuhl" does not provide legal advice.

Examples of education:

  • introduction to ELSTER
  • Qualifications for voluntary activities, e.g., "How do I become a carer?"
  • individual start-up support for start-up companies
  • the right steps for old age: endowments, living wills and health care proxies

Our seminar offers

Introduction to ELSTER

How do I become a carer?

start-up support

The right steps for old age